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PruVise, Inc. is located in Newport Beach, California and is an expert in all areas of accounting, taxes, consulting, and business services.

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Working with us

Welcome to PruVise, Inc.

PruVise, Inc. provides clients in the Orange County, California area with a full suite of financial and business consulting services. We incorporate tax planning, strategizing, bookkeeping, investment advisory services, and portfolio services to create custom financial packages that are ideal for business owners in Newport Beach and surrounding cities.

We specialize in assisting medical practitioners, including dentists and cosmetic surgeons, with their tax and accounting needs. Since we focus on the medical industry, the medical professionals who choose to work with our team can rest assured that they are getting the most out of their investment. We work hard to find little-known deductions and tax credits, keeping more of our clients' hard-earned money where it belongs -- in their bank accounts.

Taxes for dental and medical practices can be complex, so our team consistently spends time learning about the latest changes to the tax code in California and the United States.

We take pride in getting to know each PruVise, Inc. client on a personal level. We know your business is unique, and we assure you that we will function as an extension of your finance department. Accounting services no longer require in-house staff and all the accompanying overhead expenses and hassles. We're here to help you take control of your business finances.

Although the dental and plastic surgery fields are our focus, we enjoy working with other small business owners throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County, as well. If you have business tax and accounting needs of any kind, PruVise, Inc. can help you get on the right track financially. We're a modern tax firm that understands the requirements of 21st-century business owners. We're always on the go, too, so we make it simple for you to get in touch anytime via email or our secure online client portal.

As an added benefit, we are available to answer your questions and help with your ongoing tax planning and changing business needs. Contact us today at (949) 798-5744 or by tristand@pruvise.com for a free consultation.

We proudly serve Newport Beach, Tustin, Yorba Linda, San Clemente, Pasadena, and more.

PruVise, Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm in the state of California